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VIII International Heart Failure Summit

Prof. Dr. Domingo Liotta

"Liotta Conference"

Heart Failure, Cardiomyopathies and  Pulmonary Hypertension Management in the Polypharmacy and Device Era 


November 27-November 30, 2023

20-23 Hs UTC (Argentina UTC-3 (17-20 hs) , USA Eastern time(EDT) UTC-4;       USA Central (CDT)  UTC-5;     

PDT=UTC-7USA Pacific time;  Rome Italy=UTC+2  London UK= UTC +1)

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Above the Clouds
  • Polypharmacy 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ,6 …. Therapies in Heart Failure

  • Cardiometabolic disease, Diabetes, Kidney and Heart Failure (iSGLT2, GLP-1 agonist)

  • Ablattion or not Ablation of atrial fibrillation in Heart Failure?

  • Heart Failure as prothrombotic disease

  • Cardiomyopathies and Heart Failure

  • Focus in 

  • Amyloidosis. Newer approaches. Early diagnosis and treatment

  • Devices and remote monitoring for HFREF & HFPEF

  • Preserved EF HF. Different Phenotypes. Newer therapies.​ 

  • New Cardiogenic Shock Guidelines

  • Novel strategies in Pulmonary Hypertension

  • Cardio-Oncology. Approach in cancer patients

  • Interventional Heart Failure

  • Percutaneous Valvular Interventions

  • Arrhythmias management in Heart Failure

  • Multimodality imaging in HF.

  • Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCOM/HCM)

  • Percutaneous and Durables Ventricular Assist Devices

  • Total Artificial Heart

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Alejandro (Alex) Barbagelata, MD, FAHA, FSCAI, FICA, MTSAC

Program Director

Dr. Barbagelata is an invasive cardiologist with Heart Failure longstanding expertise. He was past director of the Heart failure, assist devices and Transplant at University of Texas medical branch. Professor of Medicine/Cardiology Duke University School of Medicine and Board of Directors of DUCCS (Duke University Cardiovascular Society). Member of the International Speaker Bureau of the American Heart Association. He Co-direct the Heart Failure program at the Catholic University and has privileges in several centers in private practice​​

Sergio Victor Perrone, MD, FHFSA, MFACC, MTSAC

Program Director

Dr. Perrone is a renowned South American cardiologist/heart failure specialist. He was pioneer and instrumental in generating the largest Heart Failure and Transplant program in South America and is an opinion leader in the region. He co-direct the heart failure program at the Argentinean Catholic University and direct the Heart Failure and Pulmonary Hypertension Journal. He is the advisor in Heart Failure in a lot of Institutes in Argentina and in other South American Countries.

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Invited Speakers


Milton Packer
Texas - USA
Southwestern University

thumbnail_JMcM photoc ESC1_edited_edited.png

John Mc Murray Glasgow - UK
University of Glasgow


David Baran
Norfolk - USA
Sentara Heart Hospital

Pilar Escribano_edited.jpg

Pilar Escribano  Madrid - Spain
Hospital Universitario 12 de Octubre 


John G. Cleland
University of Hull


Robert Mentz
Durham - USA
Duke University

Adrian Baranchuk.jpeg

Adrian Baranchuk
President Elect Interamerican Society of Cardiology

Marat Fudin_edited_edited.jpg

Marat Fudin
Durham - USA
Duke University

Parra Michel, Rodolfo.jpeg

Rodolfo Parra Michel

Jorge Cossio Aranda.jpeg

Jorge Cossio
Mexico Sociedad Mexicana de Cardiologia

Jonathan Bringas.jpeg

Jonathan Bringas
LAPSI Health

Lic. Sofia Barbagelata

Sofia Barbagelata
Academic Coordinator
Certified Nutritionist

thumbnail_Frazier smiling-2.jpg

O.H Bud Frazier
Texas - USA
Texas Heart Institute

Shelley Zieroth.jpeg

Shelley Zieroth 
Winnipeg - Canada
Past President Canadian Heart Failure Society



Joseph Rogers
Texas - USA
Texas Heart Institute

Albert, Dave.jpeg

David E. Albert, MD
USA. CMO AliveCor 

Dicarli, Marcelo_edited.jpg

Marcelo Di Carli
Boston - USA
Harvard University

MMaz phot0 2020.jpeg

Marco Mazzanti
ANMCO Associazione Nazionale Medici Cardiologi Ospedalieri

thumbnail_CMorillo closed.jpg

Carlos Morillo
 McMaster University


Daniel Pineiro
World Heart Federation

Quintana, Miguel.jpeg

 Miguel Quintana, Paraguay
Society of Intensive Cardiovascular Care

Antonio D'onofrio.jpeg

 Antonio D'onofrio
ANMCO Associazione Nazionale Medici Cardiologi Ospedalieri

Aguinaga, Luis.jpeg

Luis Aguinaga
Argentinean Federation of Cardiology

Anne Blanchard
Director Grierson Foundation

Anne Blanchard.jpeg
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